Common Law Or Maritime Admiralty ?

November 20, 2017 in Dumfries

 There are a lot of people who do not know that statutes and acts are not LAW. They are simply rules & regulations for  those who are *citizens. I wonder how one would go about giving up citizenship and remain being a man/woman. Would that be a way of not being forced into complying with the acts & statutes ??  

Interestingly the title ” MR “ comes from the maritime  world, a Mr is a subordinate on a ship. this then begs the question. Are we on a ship?  No we are upon tera firma. Why then are we the inhabitants of Britain the country (not to be confused with the  “United Kingdom”  which is a P.L.C. they are two different things entirely)  One of the reasons this is done, is that the country is being is administered by the law of contracts / commerce and the law of the sea = admiralty maritime which in turn is all about commerce.  Why does  the government force theses titles upon men and women, and then deny them the  true meaning and its origins. Simply put they are deceiving the men & women of th the country.

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Common Law vs Statutes – Living by the Rule of Law