Council Fraud

December 23, 2022 in Dumfries

When the council tries to convince you, the inhabitant of a property. That money has to be paid for council tax. The council will make its own documents, passing them off as court documents. Therein lies the fraud. To confirm the validity of the liability, you can ask for the case number for the order.

Only courts can send out summons (invitations). They will even suggest that there is a liability order. The way to confirm that there is a liability order, is to call the court to confirm if there is one. Nearly all the time the court will tell you that, there is no liability order. The council will send out a liability NOTICE. Anyone can send out a notice. They say all are obligated to pay whatever parliament decides. They forget that all are equal under the law. Also that there does not have to be any contract or acceptance of the obligations set upon the public. That would suggest that Parliament above the public. Does that not contradict the fact all are equal under the law. The bill or rights & The declaration of Arbroath remind us what was enacted for the benefit of the people.

Best to ask the legal team for the details of the liability order they claim they have.

There is no case number nor is the judge who signs the documents under their oath. They are not there for court related issues, they are there privately employed by the council.

Remember that the council operates on assumptions & presumptions i.e. guesswork. The council has a lawful duty to provide proof of the obligation to pay such tax. They must also provide details of how the alleged dept came into being and what interests the council have in your residence or property. They must also inform you of who is making the claim? One of the ways the council is getting away with fraud, is that they call all householders/residents occupiers. The correct term they should be using is inhabitant. For example. If 100 people where to take over any town square. They would be called occupiers. Simply put, to occupy means to have which is not your own.

They: claim that you the man/ woman owe money, must provide the evidence.of an agreement to pay. A contract with full disclosure and equal consideration.This is known as the

meeting of the minds. Once that has happened it is then put into action. Corporations do not have a mind. A dead body has no mind.

They also have to provide evidence that parliament is above the law. As we all know that everyone is equal in law. That includes all politicians & monarchs.