5 G

April 6, 2019 in Dumfries

The rollout of 5 G network or as the authorities are calling it, the deployment Military terms are being used. That would be a clue as to what and why it is being silently rolled out. The systems being deployed in major cities and towns across Britain. Have not been tested ,and will not be tested. Why ? When you know the outcome then there is no need for any tests !! Another fact is the Lloyds insurance has said that it would not insure the 5G network. Lloyds is the insurance company that would insure un insurable risks. That is when you know that there is something seriously wrong with the 5G.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2DSKl1ts0wBarrie Trower has been trying to make the public aware of the dangers of this wi-fi system explaining that it is a military grade weapon.

There are campaigners who are experts in the microwave energy weapons system, and have raised the alarm. Mark steele.

Mark was taken to court by the Gateshead council & the Police for a gagging order, which failed and Mark won.

Why have none of the telecoms industries carried out any checks or why is the government silent and siding with the telecoms industry. Sometimes it seems like that the corporations instruct the government in what to do and what policies to adopt. It is a well known fact the the government misled the people of Britain that smoking was beneficial for you and it would not have any harmful effects on anyone who smoked. Then the government said the asbestos was not harmful to men or woman. Those are but two instances that the government mislead the people.