June 9, 2022 in Dumfries

What is a courtroom ?

That would depend on who you ask. Many will say that it is where justice is served. The men and women who work there, the clerk, sheriff/judge and the P.F. more than likely do not know either. It’s a place where no facts or law shall be allowed, some call a courtroom. Is a court not the same as a tennis court, were you play ? The fact is, they are all playing or acting in a role. The language they use in these rooms are all in a foreign language, called legalese. Looks and sounds like english, but it’s not english. Therein lies the deception. Who is the sheriff / judge in the court. Is he a foreigner payed to sit in as a neutral entity ?

Another thing most men or women do not know is a little unknown fact, although it is vehemently denied. Courts are nothing more that ships in a dry dock. As most courts are near a body of water. The courts are under a different jurisdiction, once in there you are in a foreign land and under their jurisdiction, they have to have foreign liability insurance.

There are instances where the local council will hire one of these courtrooms privately, to create documents themselves. Is that not be fraud?

Then the council will send out theses forged documents,saying they are from the court. This should be challenged, as should the legality of this procedure. When you challenge them, do so as a man / woman and not as a person. You will come to understand that they can not deal with living men / women. The court system is only able to deal with the dead. Which links into the 1666 Cestui que vie act and the Cestui que vie trust.