Language Corruption

April 18, 2022 in Dumfries

When did you start babbling ? If the truth be know we have clues as to when they the so called authorities began changing the meanings of words, and introduced new words. One of those times was when Shakespeare was writing his plays. They were adding some new words to replace other words, there was a lot of opposition to these forced changes at that time, as the public where not in favour of the changes, saying the the common language was being corrupted. Nowadays people have no idea of the meanings of the words that they are using,they have no idea of the dictionary used nor the meanings of the words. Looking at all letters & documents the state (Government & councils) they send out to the public. The body of words they use are called legalese….the words look like plain English words. Yet their meanings are totally different. The state knows that the average individual is not aware of the hidden meanings of the words. Stealth tactics to deliberately entrap people. Next time you receive any correspondences from the state ask them to confirm which dictionary they have used to compose such document / letter. All capital letters used by courts, councils & other governmental bodies are called dog latin.