August 21, 2015 in Dumfries

Which language do the legal profession Police,Government,Council,Courts and the Law society use to mislead the public?. They use legalese (language of the law society) and not common or plain english. The common english used by people everyday is nowadays peppered with words from legalese which are what can only be described as stealth or double edged words. As the majority of the public have no idea that theses words have a hidden meaning. Yet the are in every dat use by the masses. An example of this is the word ” Corporation “ it’s a combination of two words.

Corpus/corpo = dead body or corpse in Latin

Oration/orate = speak,talk  in Latin.

Which generally translates to a dead body or corpse which talks/speaks. That can’t be right??   that’s only one example of the words used by the agents of the ” corporate ” bodies including the government. I for one would like to see one of these dead bodies that can speak.