A Man Or Person ?

February 8, 2018 in Dumfries

Does anyone know where the word person comes from and why it is heavily used in today’s language?. Have you wondered why this word was introduced into our everyday vocabulary. At one point it was explained the the word was there to make it more gender neutral or that’s what the story was.  The word person is derived from the word persona.

persona noun [ C ] uk ​ /pəˈsəʊ.nə/ us ​ /pɚˈsoʊ.nə/ plural personae personas. the particular type of character that a person seems to have and that is often different from their real or private character: He had a shy, retiring side to his personality that was completely at odds with his public persona.

We can all do it!  ACT . 

Thats literally what they are doing anyone can act as someone or something that you are not. For example I was ” acting as a constable, traffic warden, judge etc,etc. Remember that’s all that it is acting.

There are some translations in the U.C.C. that tell you the word means for example :  corporation/fictitious entity/dead entity or a document.

You will always be a man or a woman although you can act as,your person or in your person. A person can not be a man /woman.  You can only communicate with one of the same, i.e two men / women or two persons. whether it be two men or woman or if it’s two persons.  when two men / women communicate with each other it’s called the meeting of the minds.  You will find that it’s either the government official or the police & court officials that disregard this because it would lay their deceit wide open.