Occupier Or Inhabitant ?

March 2, 2017 in Dumfries

Are you an occupier or are you an inhabitant?.

Occupy = to keep/ to hold. Inhabitant = to live or dwell in

(Collins /Wesbters Dictionary 1869)

Not sure? well ask your self this. At times we hear of certain demonstrations where the demonstrators will occupy a certain place or area. Infact there are keeping hold of that area or place be it peacefully or by force. This then begs the question a to why the so called authorities  and the TV licensing Dept. address you as an occupier and not as a inhabitant. I would assume that way they the authorities have a tacit agreement as you never rebutted or denied that you are an occupier. The best way you can try and avoid this would be to inform the relevant orginisations that you are an inhabitant and not an occupier.