Police Scotland PLC.

August 21, 2015 in Dumfries


 Constables Or Statute enforcers what’s the difference?

To which governmental department or minister are Police Scotland answerable to ? .

Why are they registered as business for profit ? .

When did  they becoming statute enforcers and revenue collectors . I  spoke to a constable  who is a member of this private organisation (Police Scotland) to which he has confirmed that they are driven by targets, and guide lines  which in turn lead to  financial penalties for the members of the public. What do they mea security force who lie ,cheats on the public.

The Police are now colluding with other organizations to cover up there obscene acts when it comes to pedophilia and the exposing of it.


What does that mean exactly ? very ambiguous isn’t it, one size fits all so to speak, I looked it up and it said that it was referring to a vicious or violent attack. So how is it that when you are arguing with a member of your own family and the police get involved. this then is considered a assault. Assault should be be redefined precisely alleged.

In the UK, policing is, theoretically at least, grounded in public consent. When Sir Robert Peel founded the Metropolitan Police in 1829, he stated that the legitimacy of a police force in the eyes of the public depends on public approval of its existence and behaviours. Trust and accountability, said Peel, are paramount for an effective authority figure. And while police should not pander to public opinion, they must always strive to maintain the respect and support of the people it serves in this country, regardless of people’s wealth, background or social status.

The idea of policing by consent is a worthy concept. It should be strengthened and upheld for everybody’s benefit. If the “consent” element is damaged or lost, policing becomes an authoritarian exercise – just take a look at the United States or Brazil to see where that can lead to.