August 11, 2015 in Dumfries

Have you ever wondered, when you are in your car. Are you really driving ?

We are often talking about where we were driving from or to. The term driving is used in everyday language i.e. I was driving to the shopping centre or I was driving all day.

The word drive is thrown at us by the so called authorities, police, courts & government. Like most people I also used to think that I drove my car from place to place. I now know that I travel and not drive.     .

The authorities do not want people to know that they only drive when they are employed to operate certain modes of transport. The people who drive are those who are paid to act in commerce i.e. taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers bus drivers etc.

All men & women are allowed to travel in their own conveyances upon the Queens highways & byways unencumbered. You only need to have drivers license if you are acting in commerce i.e. employed to drive.

The word drive is a legal term for example drive/driver is listed in Black’s law dictionary.

This is where the authorities are lying to you to extort revenue from you.