Lies, Greed & More Lies

April 21, 2015 in Dumfries


When will we the people wake up and see the mess that we are in, with the draconian laws & ever increasing legislations being thrown at us without any discussion or consultations. “It’s for the betterment of the people” is what they say. The blatant disregard for the consent required. Do we have any confidence in the ones who purportedly  have the peoples best interest at heart,  balderdash I hear you say. All you hear  is the excuses .The amount of  corruption in the halls of  Westminster is beyond belief, there is an inner core of officials  who use their influence to deceive the people at large. They have their own agendas and make their own policies which benefits them selves and their masters (bankers). Why is it that all the new statutes and acts which are being churned out in there hundreds, if not thousands, all to do with monetary  penalties.

Why are we being continuously being lied too by just about every so called legal entity, police, court officials, C.P.S. , councils & governments .


The EU has it’s origins around the time of the second world war, which was a nazi think tank.