Master Or Servant ?

January 9, 2016 in Dumfries

Ever wondered how and when the roles of those, ( in the government & councils) elected  by us the people/public to work on our behalf,when did it change  ?.   It didn’t.  We now find that we are not recognized nor are we listened too we are never included in the decision making nor do we have a say in the policies that are churned out every so often. When there is an inclusion of the public at any meetings or discussions,the public are sometimes asked for their views. We are made promises and given assurances that certain things will be done or changed and then …. they do the opposite and when questioned they say we don,t have a record of it and start the denial process. This is their format when ever they make a mistake. The way forward would be to get everything in writing from them and most importantly, as a man or a woman.

Reason for asking it to put into writing as a man /woman. Is that they can be held accountable. Now that’s a word which they like to band about accountable when addressing the public. The thing is that they don’t like to be held accountable for what they say or do, especially in there own individual capacity as a man or woman. One of the things that they do is hide behind the CORP-ORATION.

CORPORATION = from two words. First word corpus = dead body, second word oration = speak.

Which literally means  : dead speaking.  The other thing to keep in mind is that a ” corporation ” can only communicate with another ” corporation ” they have no authority over a man or woman. That is why they try and enforce or trick  you to accept that you are a  ” person “. Person also means the same as  ” corporation “.